an exhibition of painting, drawing and collage

My show, in which I just about exhaust my love of palms and foliage, opens on the 24th of April at Salon 91 in Cape Town. Inspired by a friend's suggestion, I called it Honeymoon to mark this particular  time in my life. Mostly the work is about places - current, historical, remembered, imagined and hoped for. I often experience a strong impulse to share my visual experience of things and places with my significant other and this collection of images is to some degree an expression of that. Matthew scanned my process work briefly and stated that it looks like a group show by one person. An apt summary I guess because there'll be a variety of styles and mediums on show. I hope you will pay it a visit. It will show until the middle of May.

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c├ęcile said...

this looks beautiful, i really love that blue sky .. where CAN i see more of your paintings? (i live in Paris)