Elle Deco Spring Issue (page 24)

Have you bought a copy of Elle Deco South Africa's Spring Issue
Get it because its goodI am more than a bit in love with their features on Karen Suskin's Noordhoek house 
and textile designer Akira Minagawa's home near Tokyo.

And... turn to page 24 where there's a little bit of me! 
No, not The X-Factor bit (I know I'm pointing a little awkwardly in the picture) but Little Wonders - isn't that sweet? 
Thanks Elle Deco SA!

Read my interview here.

The illustration above is called 'formative books' - I painted tiny watercolour book covers from stories I loved in my teens.

paper city

I'm trying out new media. Well, old media in new ways. Unfortunately this little paper city got squashed, but I'm working on a bigger, better one...

Good Heavens, Red.

Matthew produced a beautiful collection of Good Heavens reds while I was away. We had fun naming them: Philly, Roger, Queenstown and Roffey. They're listed on Etsy, have a look.
(If you are in South Africa and interested in buying, 
contact us directly: info@goodheavens.co.za)

carb love

(more on this a little later)