jungles & swimming pools

favourite subject matter.

A postcard of Max Ernst's La Joie de vivre 1936,
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
I paid this painting many visits when I lived in Edinburgh.

another pool photograph taken just before my parents moved from their home of thirty years.

surplus otter

This little guy almost worked in an illustration I'm busy with, but didn't. He'll have to live here for now.



I've been digging through storage boxes again and found several volumes of Cassell's Popular Educator. I can't find a publication date but from what I can tell its late 19th century. The engraved illustrations are beautiful; the chapters on 'ethnology' exceptionally racist. My favourite pages are those flagged by my grandmother: Lessons in Penmanship and Lessons in Music.

while i'm on the topic of cold climates...

Here's another polar bear. He belongs to Miche , but his family's for sale at Montebello gallery in Newlands avenue this weekend.