a mini diorama

a story about swimming lessons

It must be the coldest day of the year so far here so perhaps not the most appropriate pictures to post... However, these are part of a lovely show up at Salon91 in Kloof street until the ninth of next month which showcases stories, pictures, animations and artists' books created by my fellow classmates and I. You should see it if you're in town. Details here.

postcard painting

Harare postcard, gouache on paper

This tiny gouache painting of flamboyants in Harare is up at Salon91 Contemporary 's Paper is You show until the 25th of this month


Postcard of hotel in Kenya, 1979

trivial pursuit/i virtual stir up

sometimes I grow unreasonably attached to the inbetween work.
testing lettering, wordplay, layout planning. 

inspired by i love saturdays

This lady's blog is a delight. Those one-colour line drawings make me want to fill sketchbooks too and her image layering mmmm.... here, take a look.

Red hair and hello Winter

The internet loves reds right? I certainly do. This lady's hair changed colour pretty soon after I gave it to M , I think it may be green now. So we learn. Archival quality else the sun will claim it. Are you out there Lady M? Has it faded away completely?

(It's a beautiful sunshine winter's day in the mother city)