I'd rather be swimming

can you say maillot?
Salon 91's December group show opens this Saturday morning the 1st, featuring work by gazillions of amazing local artists and I think the prices are going to be very very good. 10% of sales from I'd Rather be Swimming will go to the I am Water conservation trust.

april & essie's almanac

Essie Letterpress invited me to illustrate a calendar month for their 2013 Artists Almanac and I was only too happy to claim April, one of my favourite months in the Cape.
The almanac is beautifully put together and available for purchase here. Individual art prints are for sale, here's mine.
February's my favourite. Hello Summertime.


Monday, significantly better thanks to a gem in the post from miss Lucy and these beauties from my mother's garden.

Blue Egyptian Hippo

Almost exactly as I found him in National Geographic of March '77. More like him, here.