moi moi

My last evening in Finland, drawing and addressing postcards while the sun sets on Suomenlinna island. 
It's been so very very good.

Green on Green

Green is a name for many colours. This is why I love it.


Helsinki is bringing it. It's stretching my mind, keeping me awake late, affirming design, making me feel gentle - if you watched the Temple Grandin biopic you'll know what i mean by feeling gentle. So...yes. Finland is yes and Helsinki is yes. So far so good.


Finland is yes

gusty thursday

'Gusty Thursday' is available as an editioned archival print (on heavy weight fine art paper) at Salon 91 's Winter Wonderland show - which ends this Saturday afternoon. That means two (and a bit) more days left to browse some lovely wintry prints by lots of talented illustrators. Details here 

the safe spaces campaign

The Freeworld Design Centre is hosting a Women's Day celebration on the 4th of August in aid of the Safe Spaces campaign where 45 balls by South African creatives will be auctioned for this charity. Details here! And plentiful amazing creations to browse and get ready to bid on here.

I made the illustrations on my "safe = free" ball using electrical tape and my trusty babanangu-bird-scissors.

(The FDC did a very sweet post on me in June - thanks so much Amy!)

yellow landscape

Postcard: the Gamsberg seen from the Namib
Photo credit: H. Theiss