Good morning to you darling

'A happy Xmas & all sorts of good wishes for you
for the New Year'

I am going swimming in cocacola tsitsikamma water

This is my mother doing just that . 
(One of my recent characters kind of reminds me of her)

wear sunscreen

This Summer I'm going to practice what I preach.

jungles & swimming pools

favourite subject matter.

A postcard of Max Ernst's La Joie de vivre 1936,
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
I paid this painting many visits when I lived in Edinburgh.

another pool photograph taken just before my parents moved from their home of thirty years.

surplus otter

This little guy almost worked in an illustration I'm busy with, but didn't. He'll have to live here for now.



I've been digging through storage boxes again and found several volumes of Cassell's Popular Educator. I can't find a publication date but from what I can tell its late 19th century. The engraved illustrations are beautiful; the chapters on 'ethnology' exceptionally racist. My favourite pages are those flagged by my grandmother: Lessons in Penmanship and Lessons in Music.

while i'm on the topic of cold climates...

Here's another polar bear. He belongs to Miche , but his family's for sale at Montebello gallery in Newlands avenue this weekend.

a londonish illustration

Michelle was so kind to have me do the poster/flyer illustration for her sister's new theatre piece showing in October in London. I had such fun with this one! 
More details here

here she is in full: 

thanks M!

rhino day

Today is Rhino poaching awareness day

September 22nd.

Tate Etc. Issue 10, Summer 2007, Page 44

'Dali on the set of CBS Morning Show' (1956)
as photographed by Philippe Halsman

(and redrawn by me)

and bees!

Vicki Thomas teaches the scientific illustration module of our degree course. She's the Grande Dame of botanical illustration in this part of the world, and taught us ways with watercolour (with patience and grace). 

These bumblebees are half-way finished but I think I'll leave them as they are. I paid the Kirstenbosch Biennale a visit on Sunday. Lovely stuff; my favourite was Sibonelo Chiliza's painstaking colour pencil work. The show ends September 24th and entry is free.

Leica fotografie magazine No. 3/1954

feels like this today in Cape Town !

August, I've had enough of you

Nevertheless, today was full of plenty to be thankful for:

A super swift meeting with a good review, a Matthew with a half-day off work, a huge plate of biryani, a post-all-nighter nap and Catherine Keener + mid-century furniture.

practice cactus


Matthew gave me this precious thing. This weekend marks a year since he came home.

pretty new old-looking thing

No need for designs like these to ever change really. Much like Marmite and Mrs Balls.

dear rae

Karin is a talented jewellery designer, Nicole's sister and a dear friend. See how beautiful her designs are 
I helped design her dear rae label in time for Design Indaba this year where she launched her range. 

I'm the proud owner of these beauties :) Thanks Karin!


Nicole is my oldest friend and since she moved to Pretoria after graduation, I've missed her terribly. She has a lovely blog where I keep up with snippets of her life up north; heartwarming thoughts, words and pictures. Coli, this heart misses you!

cold lion

Wow. Cape Town is freezing today. 
And in other news; had a call from Ma & Pa earlier who spotted THREE lions at close range on the farm a couple of days ago (this kind of sighting happens once in a blue moon for us). Oh sigh. I'd rather be there.

tree, TV, pies

I've recently rediscovered my love of making collages from readymade circular label stickers. I spent most of May this year playing around with these for an illustration module and am still discovering tiny sticky wedges all over room, in books, in shoes... 
More to come.

we hinge our hopes on the Black Stars

Ghana is Africa's sole remaining hope at the world cup of the beautiful game . Ayeye.

tikkie box

mobile phones just aren't that attractive anymore...

goodbye sandals

Guys, it's cooling down in the south....brrr.

about to have a TV dinner...

Well I ended up not having a TV dinner after all...
my lovely mother cooked a delicious meal and the 
table was laid with all the trimmings and all family 
members present. Much better.

oh and happy new year! it's already a good one

this is 'Gilgamaus', a character I illustrated for the friendly, talented folks at Klangmueller Musikverlags