1 tree planted for every artwork sold

A mixed media group show at Salon 91 contemporary in association with Greenpop. 
It looks like work is already flying off the walls but the show will be up until the 14th of January. Amble up Kloof street if you're in Cape Town over the holidays and remember to check out Steven Miedema's beautiful vertical garden in the gallery window.

Oh and Greenpop will make sure a tree is planted for every artwork sold. Grand!

bird watch

working in flamingo company this evening



A week in Johannesburg reminded me of my 'green pool' undergrad illustrations (a theme perhaps not yet exhausted). It's a spooky city and I love it.

Elle Deco Spring Issue (page 24)

Have you bought a copy of Elle Deco South Africa's Spring Issue
Get it because its goodI am more than a bit in love with their features on Karen Suskin's Noordhoek house 
and textile designer Akira Minagawa's home near Tokyo.

And... turn to page 24 where there's a little bit of me! 
No, not The X-Factor bit (I know I'm pointing a little awkwardly in the picture) but Little Wonders - isn't that sweet? 
Thanks Elle Deco SA!

Read my interview here.

The illustration above is called 'formative books' - I painted tiny watercolour book covers from stories I loved in my teens.

paper city

I'm trying out new media. Well, old media in new ways. Unfortunately this little paper city got squashed, but I'm working on a bigger, better one...

Good Heavens, Red.

Matthew produced a beautiful collection of Good Heavens reds while I was away. We had fun naming them: Philly, Roger, Queenstown and Roffey. They're listed on Etsy, have a look.
(If you are in South Africa and interested in buying, 
contact us directly: info@goodheavens.co.za)

carb love

(more on this a little later)

Toe socks

I have plenty to share from my month in Finland. 

Here's a quick sketch in the meantime. 
Liisa Jokinen founder of Hel-Looks chatted to us about her street style finds and sent our class on a mission to find our own 'image of Helsinki'. To me this describes the height of exotic: white havaianas on black and white toe socks. I spotted this on a lady at the second last bus stop of my daily Helsinki commute to the university.

moi moi

My last evening in Finland, drawing and addressing postcards while the sun sets on Suomenlinna island. 
It's been so very very good.

Green on Green

Green is a name for many colours. This is why I love it.


Helsinki is bringing it. It's stretching my mind, keeping me awake late, affirming design, making me feel gentle - if you watched the Temple Grandin biopic you'll know what i mean by feeling gentle. So...yes. Finland is yes and Helsinki is yes. So far so good.


Finland is yes

gusty thursday

'Gusty Thursday' is available as an editioned archival print (on heavy weight fine art paper) at Salon 91 's Winter Wonderland show - which ends this Saturday afternoon. That means two (and a bit) more days left to browse some lovely wintry prints by lots of talented illustrators. Details here 

the safe spaces campaign

The Freeworld Design Centre is hosting a Women's Day celebration on the 4th of August in aid of the Safe Spaces campaign where 45 balls by South African creatives will be auctioned for this charity. Details here! And plentiful amazing creations to browse and get ready to bid on here.

I made the illustrations on my "safe = free" ball using electrical tape and my trusty babanangu-bird-scissors.

(The FDC did a very sweet post on me in June - thanks so much Amy!)

yellow landscape

Postcard: the Gamsberg seen from the Namib
Photo credit: H. Theiss

Upper orange

I walked all the way up Upper Orange street last week on my way to the Finnish embassy, found a park called the Homestead, sat in the sun under a fruit tree and stuffed these in my purse.

Winter Wonderland

Last night's opening for the Winter Wonderland show was packed! Loads of pretty stuff. More details here and here.

(I cut these asymmetrical 'snowflakes' individually from 1cm label stickers - editioned prints are available through Salon 91 gallery )

Here's a quick sketch I made for the window display. It makes me want to re-watch Fargo for some reason...

(The weather's not playing along - its HOT in my studio today)

a mini diorama

a story about swimming lessons

It must be the coldest day of the year so far here so perhaps not the most appropriate pictures to post... However, these are part of a lovely show up at Salon91 in Kloof street until the ninth of next month which showcases stories, pictures, animations and artists' books created by my fellow classmates and I. You should see it if you're in town. Details here.

postcard painting

Harare postcard, gouache on paper

This tiny gouache painting of flamboyants in Harare is up at Salon91 Contemporary 's Paper is You show until the 25th of this month


Postcard of hotel in Kenya, 1979

trivial pursuit/i virtual stir up

sometimes I grow unreasonably attached to the inbetween work.
testing lettering, wordplay, layout planning. 

inspired by i love saturdays

This lady's blog is a delight. Those one-colour line drawings make me want to fill sketchbooks too and her image layering mmmm.... here, take a look.

Red hair and hello Winter

The internet loves reds right? I certainly do. This lady's hair changed colour pretty soon after I gave it to M , I think it may be green now. So we learn. Archival quality else the sun will claim it. Are you out there Lady M? Has it faded away completely?

(It's a beautiful sunshine winter's day in the mother city) 

Good Heavens tomorrow..

is another market day! Happy late autumn neckties in blue and mustard and floral and grey from Good HEAVENS. See you at Designgoods x

Paper is You

Paper is You , a group show I’m participating in opens tonight at Salon 91 in Kloof street. I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented bunch. It opens at 7:30pm and runs until the 25th of June. 

The collaborative piece each of us worked on: Elsabe Milandri, Colijn Strydom, Paul Senyol, Marlise Keith, Andrew Sutherland, Gabrielle Raaff and me.

A detail from one of my works on show…

A Wish This Big

Ingrid 's lovely storybook is a true Capetonian one - join us this Saturday 11am at The Book Lounge in Roeland street for the launch . I promise to bring some original illustrations along :)

A Wish This Big is published by Tafelberg and available at most Exclusive Books and Kalahari .
Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans: Soos 'n wens, so groot 


One of many drawings like this I made in 2008.

delicious monsters

I made these delicious monster leaf cut-outs from circular label stickers (again)
next up: working them into a repeat pattern.

Good Heavens!

Good Heavens has evolved from idea to swatches to beautifully crafted ties - and I am so proud of my Matthew! Have a browse here and let us know what you think.

from this

to this!

It's a tough call but if I had to pick a favourite? The mustard coloured tie with the birdie tipping or maybe the large floral Liberty print...