Hi, hello cause it's the 29th of Feb and a good day to share the very exciting news that my name is on this list (look for the South Africans)! More on that soon. In the meantime here's a cheeky llama and a tiny collage I made called Tiger Rabbits.

PS Look how beautiful Dan Pearson's work is. Landscape designers (and paediatricians) give me serious career envy. Hearing him talk about his collaborative Tokachi Millennium Forest project at the Design Indaba this morning was extra special. x

holiday reads

From Day 2 and Day 7

I’d like to share two books I read over the Summer break that have really stuck with me and that I look forward to reading again in a couple of years. They’re the kind of stories that will give you something new each time you revisit. 

The first is Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides in which the imagery kind of blew me away and although I appreciated the film adaptation very much it just doesn’t come close to the loaded sentences on these pages. 
Matthew bought The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes as a Christmas gift to my mom. We chose it for her because it won the Man Booker last year and … we both loved the typesetting and typography on the cover. It's a quick, surprising read and leaves plenty to discuss. I was really slow to notice it at first but I think the ambiguity in the title really nailed it.

I snapped them with a collection of finds, drinks and gifts from my December beach holiday which was almost too good to be true thanks to my wonderful parents and M.

Things I make when I need to interrupt myself

my little pony

Those pony-legs are impossibly stumpy but I think his golden mane makes up for it.

Hello February! What, the 3rd already?